02- Saint Sauveur, Henegouwen, 10-06-1992

This circle was found at approx. 100 metres of the first circle. It was a prefect copy (9.80 metre, anti clockwise) of the first circle but this one was in grain. The owner of the fields where both circles were found told that some years before a horse was hit by lightning and died. In the night before the first circle appeared, he had seen a flash (of light) but without thunder. In both circles were found some burned leafs from trees which were standing close to the fields. A day after this circle was discovered, a journalist of 'La Dernère Heure' took some photo's of the two circles. On 3 of his photo's there were 3 black dots which weren't there when he took the photo's. The discovererof of the crop circle noticed some weird paranormal events afterwards. Later on in the summer, he saw a transparant ball of light which flew away. The discoverer of the circle in grass found during the harvest 4 new circles (diameter approx. 10 meters) but he did not photographed the circles. These 4 circles were found at a distance at apporx. 300 metres of the first 2 circles.