01- Mielen-boven-Aalst, 23-06-2003

The Mielen-boven-Aalst formation of 23-06 2003 looks the same as the UK Gog Magog Hills formation of 25-07-2001.

UPDATE 17-07-2003:

Rob Trouw (the Netherlands) reported to the PTAH Foundation that while he was inside the Mielen formation, he culd not make a phone call with his cell phone. When he tried to make a call with the cell phone from his wife, he noticed the same. After they were at a great ditance of the formation, they were able to make a phone call.

Mielen-boven-Aalst, 23-06-2003
Photo: Copyright ?

Gog Magog Hills, 25-07-2001
Photo: Copyright Steve Alexander 2001