02- Heers, Limburg, 22-06-2004

At june 22, Ann Leger reported the second Belgian crop circle near Heers, Limburg to the PTAH Foundation. Today at june 23, we received a photo from Steve Sax. There are two Unidentified Flying Objects om his photo. The Belgain crop circle researcher Tommy Borns visited the new formation yesterday to do some research. As soon we receive his report, we will add it to this website

Copyright Steve Sax
Copyright Steve Sax

Report by Tommy Borns

Monday evening I noticed through the news on television that the Belgian cropcircle – season has begun with a formation in Heers, near Sint – Truiden, Belgium. It’s clear that the formation came down on exactly the same date as the formation at Mielen – Boven – Aalst, near Gingelom in 2003.

Right on the day of the summer solsticum, the longest day of the year. Heersl lies 10 km further due east of Mielen – Boven – Aalst. Tuesday we arrived around noon on the spot of the formation. We could see a part of the formation from on the road thanks to the small hills. Once arrived on the edge of the field I could clearly see that it had a spiral form. It had rained a few days and the crop was still very wet. The edges of the formation were sharp lined. Everything was clean and no signs of human activity. When I took the first steps inside the formation I heard the crop breaking beneath my feet and sinked a few cm deeper what shows that there were very few visitors that had visited the formation. Everything was laid a cm beautifully above the ground. I found a few netels which were weven between the crop. The center of the two outlying circles were beautifully swirled open. The arms started from the edge of the central circle ending in the two circles of the two arms. Every part of the formation was laid down clockwise. In the standing crop of the middle circle there was no hole of eventual construction tools and also no footprints of human activity.

I meassured all the parts of the formation and took samples of the soil and the crop inside and outside the formation. I took pictures from all important aspects. After a personal inspection of the formation I looked up and realized that in the meantime 15 other people were walking around on the edge and inside the formation. After a few contacts with other cropcircle – believers we decided to go once around in the formation. Fully uploaded en glad we returned home quickly to make this report.

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