01- Zellik, Asse, 22-05-2004

Rapport van F.D

On may 22 2004, I took the train to Brussels and I was looking outside of the window when I noticed 2 vague circle forms in the fields. The next day when I went back home I decided to search for them and I took the bus and got off where I thought I saw the circles. When I got off the bus I had this euforic feeling but I wasn't sure yet if the circles were really there or if I just had a "hallucination" because of the speed of the train. I didn't find them so I went home a little dissapointed and I assumed I made a mistake.

On 28 may I went to the library in Brussels and I was wondering how I possible could have seen the circles. When the train passed there I clearly saw the circles and I realised that I had been searching in the wrong place the previous week. After the visit to the library we came home with the bus and my girlfriend and I decided to go visit them now on the right place. ;) I didn't have the same euforic feeling as the last time because I wasn't completly sure if the circles were there and I didn't want to let go too much. It was a very nice feeling when we finally saw them and saw that they were real.

When we were in the circles my legs felt "elastic made from rubber" kind of the feeling that I was "falling" trough the ground when I walked around. The lay of the crop looked a little messy and much plants were broken but we saw that there was a path to the crop cricles from the other side. So there have to be some people that already visited them and there live a lot of children in the neighbourhood. The plants are easily broken when you step on them to. What was notable to me is that in the center of the circles the plants were light yellow and it looked like there was some node elongation when I compared the plants with plants outside of the circles but more research is needed for that.

There were 2 big circles 1 big one with a nice oval shape and another one that had a vague star shape but I'm not sure cause it's hard to see from on the ground. The circles are there for at least a week and some downed plants were coming up again.

The night before 22 may I had a dream about crop circles, I was sitting with my girlfriend in an airplane or train and I saw a lot of crop circles on the ground. It was then fun to see some circles from the train the next day. Only a pitty that I didn't found them from the first time.

I have no idea if this is a real one or a hoax. It's the first crop circle that I have seen.