Welcome at the 'Belgian Crop Circle Archive'

Underneith follows a survey of Belgian crop circles which were reported in the last several years in Belgium. The reason the PTAH Foundation (Dutch Crop Circle Archive) is presenting this website is that we received a report of a Belgian crop circle in 2003.

After the Belgian crop circle researcher Tommy Borns contacted us, we noticed that there was no website of Belgium crop circles. Therefore we decided that the PTAH Foundation would make a website of Belgian crop circles available. If, in the future, a serious Belgian researcher emerges who also has the capability of manage this website, we will make all of the information we have collected available to him. Till that moment, the PTAH Foundation will manage this website.

For more information or to report a Belgian crop circle, please contact one of the persons underneith:

In the name of the PTAH Foundation,

Robert Boerman